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Flow-Mow opens up new possibilities for adding motion to your time-lapse video. Flow-Mow can rotate your camera up to 360°, giving you a 2 hour long pan, slower and smoother than any egg timer or other spring loaded mechanism. Flow-Mow works without batteries and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Because of its unique design, Flow-Mow easily lets you see the status of rotation, even from farther away. Get your Flow-Mow today, enrich your videos with motion and become part of the Time-Lapse Photography Community by posting your shots on our website.

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Flow-Mow Videos

How to attach and use Flow-Mow

How to use it

Attach your compact camera or smartphone to the Flow-Mow.
Place the Flow-Mow and camera in the position at which you want the motion to end.
Charge the Flow-Mow by twisting it clockwise to the start position.
Start your time-lapse recording.

Pro Tip: One is awesome - two give you even more options
By placing two Flow-Mows on top of each other, you can either double your rotation speed or start with double speed and end with single speed rotation. Check out our video section for samples.

Pro Tip: Change direction of rotation
You want to change the direction of rotation? No problem, just mount your Flow-Mow together with your camera upside down on a tripod (only for compact cameras and smartphones)

Flow-Mow Specs

MATERIAL: spring loaded metal mechanism, metal threads on top and bottom, fully recyclable ABS housing, comes in completely recyclable paper box

MEASURES: weight: 2.6 oz. / width: 2.4in height: 1.8in / depth: 2.4in

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